Hi, I'm Matthew.

An experienced freelance web developer, graphic designer and former manager of social media for the Los Angeles Dodgers, seeking employment in all things digital: web development, graphic design, social and digital marketing, photography, video editing.

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  •  December 2018 to present

    Em Em Digital

    Owner & Creative Director
    development, design, marketing, photography, video

    Em Em Digital (DBA) is a company I started as a freelance web developer and graphic designer. This sole proprietorship serves over 10 clients and provides an array of digital services: web development; web design; graphic design; digital and social media marketing; photography; video editing.

    • Worked with 10+ clients in various industries to build, maintain and upgrade their digital assets
    • Designed and developed websites using CMSs and static website generators (GatsbyJS)
    • Platforms included Joomla, WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify
    • Developed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) updates for existing websites
    • Support for email marketing campaigns (MailChimp) and built custom HTML email templates
    • Updated SSL certificates for existing websites
    • Provided creative and technical direction for updates to existing websites
  •  July 2018 to December 2018

    Zuno Studios

    Lead Web Developer
    CMS Development (Joomla & WordPress)

    I returned to the company as the agency's lead web developer in July of 2018. Zuno Studios, unfortunately, closed its doors at the end of 2018 but three of their clients took me on as a freelance digital specialist.

    See below for additional duties listed in my previous stint with the company.

  •  January 2015 to June 2018

    Los Angeles Dodgers

    Manager, Social Media, Digital & Print Content
    Previous: Coordinator, Social Media

    • Responsible for all social media initiatives and activations for the organization including the overall social voice in marketing messages as well as one-to-one fan engagement.
    • Ideation and implementation of social media campaigns across all platforms.
    • Work closely with all departments to ensure organizational goals are met.
    • Lead a gameday team to properly cover every single game on the schedule.
    • Manage the budget of the Digital Marketing and Publications sub-department.
    • Create reports on the performance of our accounts to VP and executive team.
    • Proficient in Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Illustrator).
    • Knowledgeable of all social media platforms
  •  June 2010 to December 2014

    Zuno Studios

    Web Developer
    Previous: Jr. Web Developer; Intern

    • Work directly with designers and clients to create functional webpages and websites which include customized web applications on a per-project basis.
    • Provide technical support as well as project management for clients.
    • Manage the updating of all client websites to ensure they meet the company’s standards and security guidelines.
    • Write blog posts on the latest trends in the industry.
    • Proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript with an emphasis on Content Management Systems.
    • Troubleshooting complex problems in the code as well as in the user interface.
  •  May 2010

    CSU Long Beach

    Bachelor of Arts, Journalism
    Minor: Philosophy