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what i did

My wife and I were tired of forgetting our own recipes and using terrible recipe websites. The solution? Create our own website that cuts to the chase!

If you don't need to read a disertation before you get to the recipe, this website is for you.

It's built using Gatsby JS which is a static-site generator for React JS (like this website). I decided to go with a static-site generator because, for the most part, there didn't need to be anything dynamic or interactive with the website (at least in this iteration).

One of the benefits of it being a static website is how crazy fast it loads! Also, even though it's built using React, you don't need Javascript enabled in the browser for it to work. Wait, what?!

Pretty cool, huh?

Besides all the technical aspects of this website, it was fun to try to plate our recipes for the photos. Now I understand why certain dishes at restaurants have garnishes—it just looks so much better with some color.