About me

matthew mesa

Hi, I'm Matt!

Professional Life

I'm currently a freelance web developer, graphic designer and all-around digital specialist looking to join a team full-time.

I have over three years of experience managing the social media accounts for the Los Angeles Dodgers and over five years of experience building and designing websites.

My web specialty is in content managment system (CMS) development but I still love learning new technologies (e.g., this site is built using GatsbyJS, a static site generator built on top of React).

Personal Life

Here are ten facts about me in case you're ever put in a life-or-death scenario where you're forced to answer questions about me:

  1. I'm Guamanian (Chamorro) and part Japanese
  2. I'm the middle child of five
  3. I bowled a 300 game in 2010
  4. I have a cartoon-like fear of lizards
  5. My typical coffee order is one sugar, no cream
  6. The first place I visited outside of the U.S. was Japan in 2001
  7. I have four tattoos
  8. I've never seen Scarface or any of The Godfather movies
  9. My favorite superhero is Batman (I even enjoyed Batman Forever)
  10. I played the baritone in my middle school concert band